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OPEN BORDERS means more work gets done = a better economy.

Here's a realistic change which can (and should) be done.

Increase the number of immigrants allowed to work, i.e., increase the number of work visas.
There is really no maximum number which should be imposed. But keep raising the number higher and higher. All immigrant workers contribute to the economy, increasing the production for the benefit of all consumers.

That many of them work at lower wages is actually good, not bad, for the economy. The idea that immigrant labor drags down the wage level is incoherent nonsense, because the fact is that EVERYONE is made better off, even if it's true that the average wage declines a small amount. 

Currently there are millions of unfilled jobs in the U.S. needing to be filled, and employers are waiting for applicants. The reason these jobs are unfilled might be that employers are unwilling to pay the higher wages Americans demand. Even if that's the case, it's better if immigrants are allowed in to take those jobs, so that more is p…